2016-17 Project
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My presidential project for the 2016-2017 year is to aid The Friends of North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court.   The Friends of the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court (NOCVTC) is comprised of a group of Veterans and community volunteers with one very specific goal ... to assist the Veterans Treatment Court in helping struggling Veterans assimilate back into civilian life by removing obstacles that are preventing the Veteran to stay focused on a healthy life style.
The primary purpose of the Friends of the North Oakland County Veteran's Treatment Court (Friends) is to provide assistance and support to Veterans who need help accomplishing their Veteran’s Court goals. These Veterans’ lives have been intervened by the justice system because they have been convicted of one or more misdemeanors and are in need of taking positive steps towards improving their well-being. It is the "Friend's" belief that no-matter what the present circumstances of the Veteran are, they have the capacity to heal. 

This help comes in the form of:
Our veterans deserve help to heal.  Many of the issues veterans have with the legal system are a direct result of the very service they provided serving our country for you and me.  Several of the Clarkston Rotarians are Veterans and were encouraged to become Rotarians while in the service to our country.  Our club has a strong beliefs that these struggling Veterans need and deserve our help.  By our fund raisers we will make a $2,000 donation the NOCVTC.  With a district match this will provide a total of $3,000 towards the NOCVTC program in the following ways:
  1. Sometimes it's the little things that can de-rail a Veteran who is struggling to adjust to civilian life.  The Friends of the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Court aim is to provide the resources and/or gifted items to Veterans who are participants in the NOCVTC so the Veteran can stay focused on getting healthy.  

    Resources may include items such as:
  • Providing emergency funds/grants to participants to avoid eviction
  • Gas money
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Tires
  • Food money
  • Clothing
  • Bus cards
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Recognition for those participants who successfully complete the program
  • Social activities where veteran participants can mingle with other veterans in treatment, mentors, graduates, and court staff
  1. Another purpose of the "Friends" is to provide Veteran Mentors and auxiliary volunteers with education.  Education covers an array of topics that will provide useful information to the Veteran Mentors so they can better assist the Veterans they are serving. Education to improve the ability of a Veteran Mentor focuses on increasing positive outcomes with the Veteran’s Court and the overall well-being of the Veteran being served.
The education classes provided will be as follows:
  • Understanding the Veterans Court Handbook and Requirements
  • Substance Abuse and the Disease Concept
  • Resources, referral and Case Management-PIE Perspective
  • Depression and Suicide Prevention-Family Speaker
  • Criminal Justice and the Legal System-Judge or Attorney Speaker
  • Intro to the 12-Steps
  • Cultural Competence and Humility
  • Communication Techniques-Assertiveness and Setting Boundaries
  • Confidentiality and Building Trust and Rapport
  • How to Listen- Empathy and Compassion
  • Trauma
  • Stress Management-Balance, Exercise, Nutrition and well-being
  • Spirituality and Coping Skills
  • Mental Health Disorders
These educational classes aim to accomplish the following objectives:
  • Improve knowledge, comprehension and understanding of the psycho-educational information being provided
  • Increase confidence, worth, satisfaction and competence of the veteran mentors
  • Improve Veteran Court Client Outcomes
  • Improve the overall well-being of the veteran being served