Nov 19, 2018
Glen Konopaskie
Smart Cars and Smart Roads


With trillions of miles driven by Americans each year, how will Smart cars, Smart roads and the transition to a ride share and autonomous vehicle transportation mode impact us over the next 20 years? More importantly, with Oakland County being a major USA hub for automakers, R&D, and suppliers and a key test pilot launching soon, what could that mean to you by 2020?


Glen Konopaskie

Community Engagement

Glen Konopaskie has worked in software development, hardware integration, and economic and community development for several decades. He founded his first computer consulting and training company at the age of 17 and has founded or restructured a number of for-profit and non-profit small businesses.  His focus has been primarily on software life cycle, training and consulting in new industries with innovative or leading edge solutions. In parallel, he also has 7 years of economic and community development which provided a deeper understanding in community engagement and exposure to road usage and redevelopment for local and regional impacts.

Konopaskie holds Computer and Electrical Engineering degrees and a Business degree from Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  He is also a curriculum writer, author, and trainer in custom and certification training courses.