The Gateway
7150 N. Main Street
Clarkston, MI 48346
United States of America

Come and enjoy summertime with Cook's Ice Cream and help benefit the pre-school children of Clarkston.

1 scoop $5, 2 scoops $6 and non-dairy bar (Saiya Classic Vanilla) $4

Our goal is to raise money for our newly established Dolly Parton Imagination Lirbary Program that provides books each month to any child UNDER 5 in any of the three Clarkston zip codes.

To provide a book each month for a year, it costs us approximaltey $25 annually per child. We currenty have more than 550 children registered for the program and have the pontential to reach nearly 2,100 children under 5. That would require annual funding in excess of $50,000!

We would love to see you come enjoy ice cream and help support the kids of our community.

Rotary Club of Clarkston