On Friday and Saturday, November 30 and December 1, members and friends of the Clarkston Rotary club were on Clarkston street corners selling the Goodfellow edition of the Rotary newspaper to raise funds for the children of Clarkston. 100% of the donations raised were then spent to provide Clarkston area school children with new winter boots and shoes, hats, mittens or gloves the following weekend.  More than 100 volunteers devoted time and energy to the Clarkston Rotary Club’s Goodfellow newspaper sales and “Shoes for Kids.”

The donations collected from the two days on the streets, as well as donations from the Clarkston Women’s Club, has helped 425 Clarkston schoolchildren this year. We at Rotary are thankful for the groups involved.  Oakland Woods Baptist Church provides support and use of their church on the day of the distribution. The Clarkston Lions provide Project Kidsight, a free pre-school eye examination. The Clarkston Area Optimist Club have joined with their Opti-Socks program.
—  Boy Scout troop No. 199 helped with the sale of papers.  Clarkston schools and local churches support the program by collecting new hat and glove donations.


The Clarkston Lighthouse staff and Clarkston Community School social workers  worked to determine and sign up children on a need basis.

         Mr. Alan’s Sportswear of Redford and their operations manager assisted in so many ways. Mr. Alan employees willingly volunteered their time for the entire day in helping to fit each child with new shoes and boots.

The “Shoes for Kids” program is truly a collaborative community effort.   The children of Clarkston  thank you for your support.