Since its initial charter in 1940, the Clarkston Rotary Club has been actively involved in downtown Clarkston’s Christmas decorations.  Initially, it was the lighting of a single pine tree in front of what was then its township hall. Over time it progressed to the business area on Main Street with the lighting and decorating of an even larger tree on the corner. Over the years, the decorations on the lampposts have been updated several times. Beginning in 2011, the Clarkston Rotary undertook a three year visionary program, “Illuminate Clarkston’s Downtown for the Holiday’s”. Working with Bronner’s of Frankenmuth, it was envisioned that LED Snowflake decorations with lighted garlands would be used to decorate each of the 34 lampposts along Main St.  In November 2013, Clarkston’s downtown will be entirely decorated with snowflakes and in 2014 the Clarkston Rotary will be able to celebrate 75 years of community service.