Nice crowd at tonight's meeting!  10 members and 6 guests.  Our speaker was Chelsea O'Brien of the Clarkston Family Farm.  Chelsea enthusiastically engaged us in what sounds like an energetic undertaking and a real positive experience for the students of Clarkston Community Schools.The community has been very supportive of the farm on the corner of Hubbard Road and M15.   Many of us didn't even know it was there!  Some of us knew it was there but only knew bits and pieces of what goes on there.  Chelsea explained that the property adjacent to the Independence Elementary School was originally being used by the District for storage.  She learned about it and three years later she and Doctor Rock worked together to make it a wonderful opportunity for the children here in Independence Township.  "It's a win-win for all of us.  A perfect fit for a non-profit educational farm to be on an educationally-zoned property that used to be a horse farm " Chelsea said.  She also mentioned that the soil is rich for gardening, thanks to the horses.
For more information about it and to learn some of the opportunities for children, go to  or to the Clarkston Family Farm Facebook page.