Speaker Date Topic
Judy Parnes & Debbie Wertz Mar 27, 2019
Pinwheels for Prevention

For 2019, the Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA) Pinwheels for Prevention program has a new mission that combines the  coordination of the April as Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention month (CAP), a nationwide campaign, with actively supporting local interest and efforts regarding the well-being of the community, especially youth.


During the presentation you learn about things like Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs) and what you can do to help strengthen youth and families.

RYLA Students Apr 17, 2019
RYLA Students will report on the recent weekend.
Matt Bleau Apr 17, 2019
Independence Television

Station Manage Matt Bleau will inform us on what is the role of Independence Television in our community, how it it funded a what the future looks like for this community resource. He will also talk about the unque relationship between Independence Television and the Clarkston School system.

Trevor Winn Apr 24, 2019
The Value of the CIDL (Clarkston Independence District Library)
Brad Evans May 08, 2019
Wine Party Planning Meeting
Off site at Clarkston Lighthouse May 11, 2019

We willhelp with a large donation expected.

Michelle Robinson says:

"Usually we are here 3pm-7ish.

Volunteer 'Runners' needed to use their vehicles to transport donated food from the post office to our office on Dixie.

Volunteers at Lighthouse location to weigh, sort and box incoming food."

Brad Evans May 14, 2019
Spring Wine Party
No Meeting May 15, 2019